A Bump in the Road

This past week has been maybe the worst I've had in recent memory. Just over a week ago, I was involved in a pretty serious car accident. I was hit head on and thankfully walked away with a plethora of bumps and bruises. I know it could have been so much worse, and I am... Continue Reading →


Halloween Hangover

So Halloween was just over a week ago, so this post probably seems awkwardly timed, but hear me out. Halloween candy is a HUGE problem of mine. I can't stop eating it. My husband and I don't hand out candy because there are hardly any children where we live, but that doesn't stop us from... Continue Reading →

Cardio Options

When most people think about cardio day, their mind tends to go to one thing only: the treadmill (dun dun dun)! BUT that's not the only way to get your cardio in. I used to do the same thing - when I first started my fitness journey, I just assumed that cardio meant I had... Continue Reading →

How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?

I'd like some participation on this one. Seriously. How often do you weigh yourself? Some people are compulsive; they weigh themselves daily. With other people, the only time they weigh themselves is when they are forced to at an annual doctor check up. I fall somewhere in the middle, but closer to the latter. When... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Lessons

Well, that's a wrap. Thanksgiving (in Canada) is over. While my weekend was really fun and extremely busy, it also gave me some pretty unexpected insight. Since last Thanksgiving, I've lost roughly 30lbs. While most of the people I saw this weekend have seen me since last thanksgiving, its hard for people not to compare... Continue Reading →

Life of Pi(e)

In case you didn't know - I'm Canadian. While Canadian's and American's share a lot of the same holidays, they don't always land on the same date, or even month. Take for example, thanksgiving. Here in the Great White North, we will be celebrating this weekend. Thanksgiving, especially in the US, is the kick off... Continue Reading →

Weekday Lunch Hacks

I've previously posted about breakfast ideas for the Monday-Friday grind. But breakfast is only half the battle; you've still gotta eat lunch. I used to "wing it" with packing my lunches for work. I'd wait until the morning and then toss whatever was easiest into my lunch bag. On mornings where I was scrambling to... Continue Reading →

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