My Top Picks for Fitness Wear

If you know me at all, I have a serious addiction to fitness wear; leggings, shorts, socks, shoes, tank tops, sweaters - you name it, I own 20 (i'm basically Ariel with thing-a-ma-bobs). The situation got so out of control that I had to buy a new dresser just for my workout wear - and... Continue Reading →


Colorful Crudites

Summer BBQ season is upon us which usually means full afternoons and evenings of pools, potlucks and bonfires. If you're a half decent guest, you usually bring a side or snack. If you're trying to stay healthy - the typical default is veggies and dip, a side salad etc. If you want to stand out... Continue Reading →

Types of Gym People

You know how they say "opposites attract"? Well, my husband and I are pretty similar creatures except for a few areas - one of them being how we tackle workouts. We've been together for almost 7 years and it literally just hit me this morning that the second we walk into the gym, we become... Continue Reading →

Cheat days?

Everyone's favorite day - Cheat day! Okay, so maybe not, but "cheat days" are a really hot button issue in the health and fitness world. Some programs encourage these days to let loose while others are quite strict. A Cheat Day according to Urban Dictionary is; A day on which you are allowed to break... Continue Reading →

Summer Fresh Tomato-Cucumber Salad

Summer is a great time to change up meals. The warmer weather calls for less comfort food and more fresh food with bright flavors. This tomato-cucumber salad with feta crumble is a perfect match for almost any summer meal. Pair it with chicken, steak, burgers, sausage, WHATEVER! Its super simple, super fresh, and SUPER delicious!... Continue Reading →

MY Goals

I'm pretty sure I haven't written a blog post in about a month - so, hey. If I'm being honest, the last month has been a rough go; a strike at work, medical issues and the passing of the strongest woman I've ever known; my Oma. Through all this the temptation to slip into old... Continue Reading →

Recovering from a Ruined Routine

Like many other OCD people, I am a creature of habit and routine. Without it, I feel very very lost, and even more anxious. Everyday (especially Monday-Friday), my day is planned out to basically the last minute: 5:45am wake up 5:45-6:40 shower, do make up, get dressed 6:40 head downstairs, make coffee, grab lunch from... Continue Reading →

Turkey, Corn and Black Bean Chilli

It's mid March and this Canadian winter just will not let up! So, on cold, blustery, snowy days, nothing feels better than a cozy, warm, hearty meal. Tonight's dinner is turkey chilli with corn and black beans. It's sure to warm you up and fill you up! Ingredients 1 pack of ground turkey (~500g) 1... Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Dinner: Spaghetti Squash

Who doesn't love pasta?! You might actually be unwell if you don't love delicious carbs smothered in tomato sauce and protein (and cheese). But lets face facts, pasta isn't exactly "healthy". Tonight's dinner is this delicious dish lightened up with a veggie noodle; spaghetti squash. If you've never used spaghetti sauce to replace pasta noodles... Continue Reading →

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