Growing up, I was always considered the “athletic” girl – involved in all the sports teams, picked first in gym class and always outdoors. When I was 12 years oldĀ I contracted a virus which destroyed my thyroid; the gland primarily responsible for regulating your metabolism. It took months of rapid weight gain and constant exhaustion to be diagnosed. By the time it was confirmed and lifelong medication was prescribed, it had taken its toll on my body. I was 13 and weighed in at well over 200lb, suddenly too unfit to be as active as I was, and far too self conscious to try. It all sort of spiraled out of control at that point. I spent the next several years pretending to be “comfortable” with who I was and how I looked, only to constantly beat myself up inside.

It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that I finally felt ready to take control of my body, my health and my HAPPINESS. I started working out with videos and games; weight started to come off, slowly but surely, but how I felt didn’t change. I’m sure I looked better, but I didn’t FEEL better. Thats when a lightbulb went off – I didn’t just need workouts, I needed workINS – I needed to work on what was happening inside this morphing body. I needed to address all those years of bully by others, and self bullying. I needed to figure out who I was, and what made me happy. Without this, I could have been a size 2 and still completely miserable.

This blog is my chance to share to strategies, workouts, and recipes to help other people avoid, or start their journey out of their body and mind prison. Plus, its a great way to keep myself on the right track!


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