Staying on Track When You’re Sick

You probably think I'm crazy for even having a blog post about this, BUT I can't be the only one who still wants to workout when they are sick. This topic is at the forefront of my mind right now guessed it! I'm sick ­čÖü Normally, I'm at the gym every single day. So... Continue Reading →


Gluten free turkey burgers

Recently I had some girlfriends over for dinner. It's summer and I really wanted to BBQ, but I also wanted something easy, healthy and a crowd pleaser. I fancy myself a bit of a homemade burger guru so I figured I'd make some homemade turkey burgers. The catch? One of my friends has a gluten... Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I've recently been contacted by some of my readers requesting I post some breakfast ideas or a sample menu. First, WOW! It's such an amazing feeling to know people are actually reading this! So thank you!!! Second, of course i can do that ­čÖé To be honest, I basically eat the same thing for breakfast... Continue Reading →

Vacation Eating

Vacation is wonderful - you earned it and deserve it, so ENJOY it. Most times, people who are "dieting" or watching what they eat often dread vacation, or they are the people at the table saying "oh, I can't eat that" or "I wish that fit in my diet". My husband and I were recently... Continue Reading →

“Bikini Body”

every.single.year when summer approaches, you constantly hear the "I need to get in shape for summer" or "I need to get bikini body ready". When I was younger, and larger, I never thought about it. After all, my mentality was basically that I was so large that I'd either (A) look like a whale or... Continue Reading →

“Plus Size”

These two words have haunted me A LOT. Yes, I used to be "Plus sized", whatever that means. But do you know how much damage that label does? Unless you've experienced it, you probably don't. Let me paint you a picture, you go into a clothing store and can't find your size. Or, more frequently,... Continue Reading →

Quick 20-25 Min workout

When I started this blog, I vowed to share some of my workouts, and I have yet to do that. Well prepare yourself, below is an example workout which is pretty typical of what I do 3-4 days/week. Before I lay it out there, this workout should take 20-25 minutes. While a lot of the... Continue Reading →

Quick & Delish Jambalaya 

If you like a little heat and a bowl of delicious, this jambalaya recipie is for you!  It's seriously so simple and is a breeze to make. There is also a ton of versatility with this recipe - we used pork sausage but it can easily be replaced with steak, chicken, ground beef, tofu, and... Continue Reading →

How Bad Do You Want it?

"How bad do you want it?" - results that is. How important is it to you to reach your fitness goal? This, in all honesty, should be question number 1 when you embark on your fitness journey. Fitness is unique in the sense that importance really dictates commitment which dictates results. If it's not important,... Continue Reading →

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