Non-Negotiables in Your Diet

You've probably heard that eating well is about 80% of the battle when you're trying to lose weight and get fit. Sadly, this is true (I speak from experience). You can workout for hours a day - if you still eat poorly, you won't get the results you want. I've shared in previous posts that... Continue Reading →


How to Modify ANY Workout

High intensity workouts really are amazing, but, not everyone can do them. If you're just starting off with workouts, or you have injuries, or aren't in the best of shape, high intensity workouts can be overwhelming, impossible and dangerous! So often people push their bodies to do things it either isn't capable of, or ready... Continue Reading →

Finding Easy Motivation

Finding motivation to workout isn't always easy, and what motivates you one day may not work the next. I have worked out nearly everyday since November 2016. While keeping the habit gets easier and easier, there are some days where it's still a struggle to put in the work. That's when quick and easy motivators... Continue Reading →

My “Go To” Snacks For Work

Snacks are the nectar of life for my "9-5" (aside from Coffee, obviously) - I NEED them to make it through the day. Since I'm an obsessive calorie counter, finding calorie friendly snacks that aren't boring, and can satisfy a craving isn't always easy. There are the usual, rather boring options: Veggies and dip Shake... Continue Reading →

Resolution Reboot

We are already into the second week of February, and by now, a lot of people have bailed on their New Year's Resolutions. Resolutions are HARD! Especially because so many of us expect to change lifelong habits literally overnight. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. If you made a resolution to get fit/fitter you probably... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Snack Hacks

The super bowl is coming up in just a couple of short days. Even if you don't like football, you may find yourself at a Super Bowl party or even an Oscar party. A party with a huge spread of food requires the same will power. Super Bowl parties usually consist of wings, cheesy nachos,... Continue Reading →

Home gym

January is upon us, which means getting to the gym can be a pain, for 2 reasons: 1. The gym is packed with New Years resolutioners, and. 2. It's cold as hell outside. I do have a gym membership but honestly, at this time of year, it doesn't get used as often as I'd like.... Continue Reading →

Packing for Success

The art of packing a good and useful gym bag takes some practice and some learning by mistake (for example: forgetting a sports bra, or socks, or a hair elastic). I've gotten a lot of practice over the last few years and here is what I've learned; DON'T RUSH the packing. Trying to pack your... Continue Reading →

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