Quick 20-25 Min workout

When I started this blog, I vowed to share some of my workouts, and I have yet to do that. Well prepare yourself, below is an example workout which is pretty typical of what I do 3-4 days/week.

Before I lay it out there, this workout should take 20-25 minutes. While a lot of the workouts I see focus on “timed training” IE: you do each exercise for 45 seconds or 1 minute, I do mine based off number of reps. But at the end of the day, you do you, if you would rather time it out vs. count it out, that’s totally cool!

Full Body Workout Example

  1. Halo Squats x 10/each direction
  2. Reverse lunge with side twist x 10/leg
  3. Push ups with knees to triceps x 10 (knee pushups as a modifier if needed)
  4. Side lunge x 10/leg
  5. Triceps extensions to shoulder press x 10
  6. Flys x 10

Break for 1 minute.

Repeat 3 times.

Note: if you aren’t familiar with what some of these moves are, Youtube is great for getting quick instruction and tips on form 🙂

Weight Recommendations: If you’re not an avid workout-er (not a word, but I’m sure you know what I mean), then start light to get a feel for the movements and to get a handle on form. I’d start with 5lbs or body weight. If you’re a bit more comfortable and familiar with weights, then use your version of “heavy weights” for exercises 1, 2 & 5, and a “lighter weight” for 6. No weights are required for 3 &4.

Now, you may have noticed there aren’t a ton of “ab” exercises in here, this is 2 fold;

a. many of these exercises include a core component or at the very least engage your core so you are still working the muscles

b. I often do an “ab crusher” round at the end. I repeat it 3 times, but you can do it once, or twice or not at all. Adding the ab crusher will extend the length of the workout but anywhere from 3-10 minutes – depends on your speed and how many times you choose to repeat it.

Optional Ab Crusher

  1. Frog Planks x 10/side
  2. Sit ups x 15
  3. Bike Kicks x 50
  4. Toe taps x 15

Recommendation: complete a warm up and cool down. Ideally your warm up should be 5-10 minutes of light cardio and your cool down should be a series of stretches. BUT! If you’re short on time, just make sure you feel warm before you start and ALWAYS stretch afterwards – even if its a few hours later. Its key to ensuring you don’t seize up!

DISCLAIMER*** I also feel the need to mention this because people can be a bit crazy. I AM NOT A PERSONAL TRAINER and I am not telling you to do this workout. I am sharing a workout I do in case you find it helpful. It is an example, not a mandate. Complete this workout at your own risk.


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